The technological revolution as a formula for success in Spanish irrigation
Irrigation is the agricultural work that is incorporating digitization and the use of technology with more intensity into the daily management of farms, with a very important boost from the different irrigation communities.

Currently, at DAGA we are working to offer effective solutions for the filtration of large flows of water before moisturizers, a system that together with the circular system, (today known as the center pivot) begins in the late 1940s by an American farmer.

This revolution begins with the enormous economies of labor that are in the field, in order to achieve in this way higher crop yields and harvest security, greater efficiency in the use of water, and savings in energy and agrochemicals. In addition to irrigating land that could hardly be watered by other methods.

More efficiency, profitability, and sustainability

The field needs to reduce energy consumption, for obvious reasons of profitability and optimization of water use. Faced with the challenges of climate change and the obligation to share it with other productive sectors, the variable of innovation appears, which in the face of these needs offers the opportunity to advance rapidly to achieve more efficient and sustainable management of equipment and management systems.

This intense renovation process experienced by Spanish irrigation systems has been accelerating in recent years, where the modernization of hundreds of thousands of hectares has been key thanks to some equipment and technologies that contribute to this improvement in water use.

Within this circuit, wastewater treatment is key. And at DAGA we have more than 60 years of experience in solutions for filtration and roughing of irrigation water. These waters allow cultivating large areas in a very efficient way.

A great development of irrigation systems

The circular irrigation pattern of the central pivots does not coincide with the shape of most agricultural estates. This system is characterized by the importance of central pivots that receive water through a metal pipeline and that it distributes thanks to its sprinklers.

On the other hand, several success stories are also being developed both in Spain and in other areas of the world. In this case, consolidating a wide market in the sectors of wastewater treatment (WWTP), in the filtration and roughing of irrigated water and in the industrial sectors with large flows of water.

Another type of filter that is being installed more and more is the irrigation screen, which is a set of vertical screens for the filtration of fine residues that consist of mobile panels of square chain mesh. This automated equipment is made of stainless steel and is designed for the retention of solid residues that are extracted through scraper combs.

DAGA stands out in this sector, thanks to the creation of a network of partners formed by project engineering that gave way to internationalization and is currently marketed to more than 30 countries.
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