DAGA develops water treatment equipment for wastewater treatment stations (WWTP), equipment for the filtration and slashing of irrigation water and equipment for the treatment of industrial effluents.

DAGA’s mission is to optimize the capacity of water treatment plants and plants in irrigations or industries internationally. Offering our clients an efficient water management, the customization of our solutions and technical advice.

Our vision is to be a leading company in Europe and in the world and to be a benchmark in smart water management solutions in treatment plants, irrigation and intensive industries in water management.

Our values ​​are a passion for excellence, environmental sustainability, loyalty to employees and customer orientation. 

DAGA products are designed and manufactured by the Calaf Grup industrial group, within a framework of integrated management of quality, environment, safety and health.

Technical warranty

Technological development and technical specialization are strategic factors in DAGA's contribution of value. For this reason, the company has a Technical Office with the best professionals in the sector, whom are essential and necessary to respond to any constructive challenge.

We have an integrated, certified and consolidated management system, based on the international standards ISO 9001 for quality management, ISO 14001 for environmental management and OHSAS 18001 for the prevention of occupational risks. We also have an integrated management system policy.

Sewage treatment


The aim of the DAGA teams is the extraction of pollutants and the transformation of wastewater into a tributary that can be directly reused or returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment.

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Filtration and roughing of irrigation water


DAGA equipment offers effective separation of solids and high sieving capacity in channels, aqueducts and water adduction works prior to ponds and irrigation reservoirs.

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Industrial water treatment


DAGA solutions are the result of a customized study of engineering and design of process water treatment equipment, adapting to the flow and the specific industrial sector that is served, including industries in the food, pharmaceutical, agricultural, chemical and processing sectors, etc. The range of DAGA products includes particular applications for capturing large flows in thermal and nuclear power plants.

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