DAGA Equipment


DAGA manufactures built to last water treatment equipment which outperforms under the harshest conditions. We supply tailor made machines without compromising quality.

We support our customers with efficient and reliable products, services and personalized technical advice. 

DAGA’s portfolio comprises equipment for wastewater treatment plants (WWTP), irrigation water filtration and industrial effluent treatment plants.

Our more than 2500 worldwide installations contribute to a better use of water and a cleaner world.



At DAGA we are actively working to achieve the

optimum life cycle cost level

of our products and we achieve this through the following benefits of our equipment.

Robust equipment fit for purpose



Easy to maintain and install



High quality mechanical and electrical components



Spare parts available at short notice



High performance under harshest operation conditions



Low energy consumption



All components are adequately protected against corrosion


















More than 2500 installations made
including urban, industrial and irrigation treatment plants.

We work in more than 30 countries
spread across the five continents.

More than 60 years
of experience in the sector.

More than 1300 companies
have already trusted us.





Waste removal and wastewater conversion into an effluent that can be directly reused or returned to the water cycle with minimal impact on the environment.



Effective solids separation and high screening discharge capacity in agricultural channels and aqueducts prior to irrigation ponds and reservoirs.



The DAGA solutions are the result of a personalised design adapted to the flow and industrial application for a wide variety of industrial water treatments, including mechanical equipment for various treatments of pollutant removal, pollutant breaking-down and water aeration for food processing, slaughterhouses and meat processing, agricultural wastewaters, pharmaceutics and chemical sectors, etc. The DAGA range of products is also applied to thermal, hydroelectric and nuclear plants’ intakes, improving downstream pumping and pipeline efficiency.

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