DAGA manufactures the compactor screw specifically designed for transporting, compacting, draining and volume reduction of moist solid waste from wastewater screening (Grids and Sieves) and the conveyor screw specifically designed for transportation of moist solid waste from wastewater screening.




Conveyor channel: 

Built with stainless steel. The upper part is closed with screwed caps that can be removed to facilitate equipment inspection and cleaning. The lower ends have small legs for anchoring and support.

Worm drive: 

A coreless conveyor screw made of carbon steel or stainless steel that, when rotating, scrapes an anti-wear polyethylene cradle to move the waste.

Power unit:

Consisting of a geared motor and a coupling to the worm drive.

Charging hole:

The position and mount of charging holes are adjustable. Each of them is screwed to the conveyor channel.

Compacting chamber:

This is located on the upper part of the screw and consists mainly of a highly resistant filtering cylinder and a counterweighed flanged discharge lid.