Horizontal surface-aeration rotor for oxygenation of water and degradation of organic matter in wastewater treatment plants.

The equipment consists of blades coupled to a horizontal shaft that rotates by means of a driver. The blades are made of polyamide reinforced with fiberglass, which gives them the strength and flexibility required to trigger the superficial agitation of the water and the turbulences that will bring the air to the lower layers of the water stream.

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  • High capacity of water oxygenation.

  • Adaptation of oxygen transfer through immersion control of rotor blades.

  • Delivery of pre-engineered systems to be easily assembled by local labour.

  • Applications for urban and industrial wastewater treatment facilities.






The surface aeration rotors are installed in series in aeration tanks of wastewater treatment plants as part of the biological treatment and pollutant breaking-down of wastewater.