The DAGA self-cleaning traveling-screen consists of a series of overlapping self-draining screen-trays which are fastened to two lateral steel chains mounted on a structural drive. The solids captured on the screen-trays are washed from the screens by high-pressure overlapping water sprays across the back of the screen trays.The solids are expelled at the point of discharge.

The equipment is composed of two opposite sides equipped with filter panels that allow the entry of water and a third side of effluent outlet. The unit housing, the translation chains and the cleaning system are designed to ensure long-term trouble-free operation. Fitted sealing bands and height-adjustable anchors are also provided to suit channel requirements.



Equipment designed for solid - liquid separation in a continuous process. Ideal for screening processes in food industry, wastewater treatment plants, etc.

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Equipment designed for sieving water in deep channels with variable level flows. Blocks waster with sizes between 150 microns and 6 mm.

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  • Effective solids separation with dual flow intake and high screening discharge capacity.

  • Delivery of pre-engineered systems to be easily assembled by local labour.

  • Use for intake screening for irrigation and the pre-treatment process of water treatment facilities.




The DAGA self-cleaning traveling-screens are used for water screening and water treatment, removing solid refuse and improving downstream pumping and pipeline efficiency.

In the case of wastewater treatment plants, the traveling water screens are part of the pre-treatment process phase.

In the case of irrigation works, the traveling water screens provide an effective solid separation of intake water:debris are captured and elevated to the high point of discharge while filtered water continues downstream.