The digital era brought new technologies capable of providing any sector with intelligence. Technologies that do not stop evolving, and that -although at the beginning there was the perception that the ‘smart’ concept would only be applicable to certain devices, fields and industries- has proved there are rarely limits for its implementation.

Water management was one of the areas where scepticism dominated. However, nowadays, numerous projects that use specific hardware and software have been activated in order to functionally improve the management and operation of supply networks and water treatment plants.

What is Smart Water Management? 

The concept ‘Smart Water Management’ refers to a system based on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) with which we collect and process real-time valuable data about the water flow, pressure and distribution. Its application is carried out through sensors, smart meters, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and satellite mapping, as well as other data exchange tools, in order to ensure that the infrastructure and energy used for water transport are managed in an effective way. All this allows the synergy of networks and the fact that they can work together to reduce and overcome the existent challenges.

Advantages of the Smart Water Management

The benefits of Smart Water Management are not scarce and are so valuable that more and more governments, institutions and companies are betting on a change in their water cycle management. The reconsideration of the entire system, with the introduction of the latest technology, allows:

•    More efficient operation and maintenance. The meters can be read remotely, detect anomalies in consumption and immediately alert the user.
•    Data collection and interpretation. The network can be monitored in real time, so that the water composition can always be known.
•    Identifying and acting on problems in a more agile and quicker way. A Smart Water Management system allows the possibility of immediately detecting any obstruction, leak or failure and, even, its exact location. Technology allows preventive maintenance and a faster repair.
•    Cost reducing. Operating expenses can be reduced almost immediately thanks to the previous points.
•    Asset management. Suppliers can optimize their service management models, as well as the investment plans according to the data generated from the activity.
•    Greater sustainability, lower water footprint and lower energy consumption. The main benefit of a smart management system has a direct impact on the environment. Early detection of leaks helps preventing drinking water waste. Properly collecting the data of the system activity and knowing how to interpret them allows us to find solutions to solve the water shortage and the problems generated by the aging of the infrastructures.

What is the Smart Water Management promoting?

Urbanization and world population growth in recent decades have caused a great imbalance between the supply and demand of water resources. The main problem that developing countries face in water management is the increase in the operating costs due to poor facilities. A problem also detected in Western countries, where infrastructures have aged.
Even so, the final consumer pressures because of the increase in water rates and demands better customer service, while becoming more aware of the critical need to moderate water consumption. In this scenario, in which technological progress also plays a role, consolidating a Smart Water Management system has become the only option, not only for the future, but for the present.

DAGA develops equipment for wastewater treatment (WWTP), for the filtration and polishing of irrigated water, and for industrial effluent treatment. The company accumulates years of experience in the commercialization of customized products during which it has positioned itself as a reference in Smart Water Management solutions for wastewater treatment plants, irrigated lands and intensive industries in water management. To DAGA, smart water management is a reality.
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