Roughing and sieving of irrigation water
At DAGA we have been researching, developing, and manufacturing specialised equipment for water purification and treatment for more than six decades. We work every day to improve the processes of eliminating pollutants in water by means of chemical, physical and biological procedures in order to return it to rivers, reservoirs or to be used as irrigation for farmland. 

Therefore, the optimisation of water, a scarce and essential resource in the production of goods, has led companies to focus on the improvement of existing processes and the development of technological innovation tools. Sustainable trends in the water sector have triggered the improvement of processes such as roughing and sieving in irrigation water

Sieving is a process based on the filtration of water on a thin support, which consists of removing solid components through grids formed by parallel bars. On the other hand, sieving is a pre-treatment process that removes large suspended and floating solids from the water in order to prevent clogging of pipes or damage to pumps. It is the physical method of separating mixtures by passing a mixture of particles of different sizes through a sieve. 

At DAGA we have a wide range of products that show the group's commitment to the water cycle and to improving process efficiency. 

Irrigation services

Automatic inclined grids consisting of vertical stainless steel bars designed for the retention of solid waste to be extracted by means of automatic combs attached to two lateral chains. Depending on the height of the screen and the operating requirements, there are different quantities of scraper-combs. 

Automatic vertical sieves are used for the filtration of fine residues found in irrigation water. The filtering surface consists of movable square mesh panels that are attached to two longitudinal lateral chains. These sieve panels are responsible for retaining the solid particles from the incoming flows that transport them to be discharged at the top of the equipment.

Screw conveyors consist of a propeller mounted on a longitudinal axis inside a U-shaped metal channel which carries out a single-point transfer function of the material transferred by the screens or sieves at one or more entry points. The screw conveyor performs other functions of a compactor thanks to a pressure-controlled opening device in the discharge area of the screw conveyor.

DAGA, specialised in water purification and treatment systems.

At DAGA we work to ensure the best water treatment and we are committed to innovation in our irrigation water filtration and roughing systems. With the passion that characterises us, we move forward with the vision of becoming a benchmark in this type of solutions for irrigation and other sectors of the water industry. 

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