Decentralization of water supply systems, yes or no?

One of the most precious resources for life is water and energy. We must bear in mind that the protection and conservation of these assets are very important since they are limited and we are totally dependent on their uses for our subsistence. However, water security is becoming increasingly complex due to emergencies and climate change, as it affects their availability, quality and quantity.

Dealing with this situation, many people are questioning whether conventional centralized systems will be able to manage the water supply service adequately. For this reason, new water supply alternatives based on reuse and decentralized systems, which consist of locating water and effluent treatment plants at the site of water demand or supply, or ideally both, are already being studied.

Decentralization of water supply systems is a good alternative, but it is not an easy task. Software tools are needed to create groups that have a certain degree of autonomy at the general level.

The Institute of Water and Environmental Engineering and the Mexican Institute of Water Technology is in the testing phase of developing such tools that would help decentralize the water supply.

Decentralizing water supply systems would make it possible:

  • Reduce distances between users and treatment plants.
  • Minimize energy and infrastructure costs.
  • Greater flexibility without affecting system performance.

We would achieve greater control over the network, and much more detailed studies of each subsystem could be powered independently.

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