Horizontal rotor for surface aeration for oxygenation in urban and industrial wastewater treatment plants.

The equipment consists of blades (vanes) coupled to a horizontal axis that rotates by means of a motor group. The blades are made of polyamide reinforced with glass fiber, which gives them the resistance and flexibility required to cause the superficial agitation of the water and the turbulence that will bring the air to the lower layers of the water flow.

The DAGA aeration rotors are supplied pre-assembled from the manufacturing workshop, which facilitates their assembly on site. The equipment installs superficially and transversely to the flow of water on the perimeter walls of the aeration pond.

Qualities and features of the product:

  • High quality rotodynamic components
  • High capacity of oxygenation of water in demanding conditions of operation
  • The high reliability of aeration provides the stability required for the biological processes of water treatment.
  • Low energy consumption and easy maintenance
Ref. Rotor
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