Degreasers and Chasers


Equipment designed and suitable for sand and floating extraction in rectangular pre-treatment enclosures. The elimination of fats and floating debris is carried out by the longitudinal displacement of two scrapers that sweep the surface of the water. The extraction of sedimented waste must be done with a vertical type motor pump.


Set designed for extraction of fats and floating that are on the surface of the water of the enclosure, which generally come from a process of sand removal-degreasing, decantation, etc.

Single-block equipment, based on a system of two conveyor chains that move a few scrapers which effect the sweeping of the surface with the corresponding discharge of grease. The sweeping device is installed on the concrete enclosure.

The product may include a deposit. Then, the sweeping device is installed in the upper part of the metal tub.


Single-block stainless steel equipment, based on the operation of a conveyor screw, designed and suitable for the extraction of sand from a sandblasting site.

This equipment is built in various sizes and configurations depending on the flow to be treated and location.

Ref. Desengrasadores y Desarenadores
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